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Liliana Salazar

"Real Watermelon Felon" Body Jewelry

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"Watermelon Felon breaking barriers of what real fruit can do and be"


  • Real Watermelon 🍉, Stainless Steel Chain
  • Adjustable length + width
    • via chain + hook system
    • ADD ON > can be custom fitted with designer
  • Handcrafted in Colombia



🍉  REAL WATERMELON is thinly sliced

🍉  Sun-dried to infuse the SUN'S ENERGY into every piece

🍉  Coated with MAGIC

🍉  Torched with fire to PURIFY

🍉  Hand-sanded down for a smooth FEELING


🍉  Every set will be unique to you - seed placement, shape and size will vary because true to nature no one is the same.  

🍉  So always remember to be YOU!



    Designer Liliana Salazar channeled both her grandmothers while in Colombia.  She offered her hands to be in service and was guided to bring to life this vision.  With the help and partnership of Colombian artisans, each of the 98 watermelon pieces are connected by hand with love.