About Us


Message from the fashionably creative mind, designer Liliana Salazar:


Fashion has always been my passion since I understood the concept of clothes.  Born and rooted in Miami, FL, By Liliana Salazar branched out of dream to unite my talents and skills acquired thru years of education and experience in several facets of the fashion industry including and not limited to: Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Modeling, Fashion Production, Fashion Photography, Wholesale, Retail.  Most importantly, a means to unite my family’s strengths by partnering with my four siblings who are masterminds and creative genius in their respective industries: Marketing and Advertising, Business Administration, Financial Solutions.  My father established one of the company’s fundamental core values with his favorite motto, “Unity creates Strength.”


4 We…4 Us…4 One” -UNITY



Brief Bio on designer Liliana Salazar:


A leader in her own right, Liliana Salazar’s creativity and ability to turn a vision into a reality is one of a kind like her designs. 

With fundamental knowledge and collective skills in visual arts, from photography to graphic design, Liliana’s talent was cultivated as a young child in gifted art programs.  Due to this early training and development, her level of expertise and abilities results in quality design in the following disciplines and not limited to: Photography, Graphic Design, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Jewelry Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising.

Moreover, Liliana possesses a valuable educational foundation from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Florida State University and University of Central Florida that helped refine and guide her genius.  Academically, a mixture of textile, design, marketing, and merchandising courses dictated her college career meanwhile designing an entire fashion magazine that was a featured segment on MTV. To push the boundaries, Liliana sought further exposure by Studying Abroad in Milan, Paris, and London and attending respective fashion weeks.

With great determination to achieve a dream, Liliana acquired fashion industry experience in both New York City and Miami, specializing in Womenswear and Menswear.  Professionally, Liliana has worked for Loro Piana Corporate, an upscale Italian luxury brand, in New York City. She built great working relationships with retail buyers and created visually pleasing assortments for high-end retailers nationwide and Canada.  In Miami, while working for Isaco International Corporate, Liliana united all facets from concept to creation as the designer’s liaison with the factories of production in communicating a clear vision and plan of execution. 

With a leap of faith, Liliana has fully dedicated her time and focus to creating her designs, which has led her to Los Angeles, California.  Her natural accessories handmade in Colombia and her ready-to-wear is all designed with love.  As expressed personally by the designer, "Your support is the motivation for our innovation.  Thank you!"