Nature's Touch. Wearable heARTwork.

Adorn yourself in the REAL beauty of nature with handcrafted FRUIT jewelry preserved in love.

Tanks A Lot

Fresh Harvest

Fresh Harvest

Our heARTwork offers versatility for any occasion and any BODY shape and... 

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  • Preserved in Love

    Sun-dried to infuse the SUN'S ENERGY, each piece is handcrafted from real fruit, preserving its natural beauty in a substance we call “Magic”.  By utilizing real fruit, we minimize environmental impact and offer one-of-a-kind accessories that make a statement. 

  • Sustainable + Eco-friendly Gifting

    Embrace sustainability without compromising style. Your 'fresh pick' comes intentionally wrapped in a biodegradable 100% Colombian SugarCane envelope, with a special treat in the form of a 'seed paper' insert for you to plant and be surprised by either tomatoes, carrots, parsley, or basil.

  • POWER Words

    Shine light and discover the laser-etched "Power Words" within heARTwork that reflect your truth, such as “Dream”, “Freedom” and “Love.” Our heARTwork celebrates and embodies that when one has a bright perspective and seeks within this connects you to your true power.

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