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Liliana Salazar

Kathleen Boudwin + Liliana Salazar

Kathleen Boudwin + Liliana Salazar

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Collaborating Artist: Kathleen Boudwin >> @boudwinart
Medium: Acrylic paint
Fashion Designer: Liliana Salazar
Design: Long sleeve pleated shoulder blouse / lightweight jacket


Kathleen Boudwin

West coast artist, Kathleen Boudwin, has been brought to Miami along with a fraction of their colorful and engaging body of work. Originally an illustrator by trade working with goliaths such as Sephora, Boudwin has evolved as a painter in Portland. They are continuously supported and inspired by the gusto of the queer art communities that dominate not only Portland, but cities like San Francisco and Wellington New Zealand. Boudwin continues to show themes of sex work, kink, and queerness in their art to fight stigmas and celebrate the free will we have over our bodies. Boudwin Art is a celebration of sexuality, mindfulness, and the femmes' power to heal.

Kathleen Boudwin is an illustrator gone painter who tends to focus on sensual and erotic themes in their work. They believe in sharing the femme gaze by celebrating diverse bodies and intimate moments between them. Their borderline intense imagery is draped in contradicting playful colors that welcomes the viewer. Their purpose is to explore the boundaries that limit erotic art and to rewrite the script. Boudwin brings power to their femme characters and power back to sexuality and sexual liberation.


  • Percentage of sale will be donated to RISE UP Gallery, a 100% volunteer-run non-profit corporation which has been awarded numerous accolades for its programs that provide therapeutic art workshops to the disabled and the community, as well as curate pop up exhibits for local artists in Miami.
  •  Alterations can be made, additional fee may apply.
  • Client will work directly with designer to create a solution for fit.
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