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Liliana Salazar



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My perspective on "Journey" wear (aka activewear, yoga wear, sportswear) because if life is a journey this is what you wear for it - from yoga mat to night life separates or united - you choose. 

"FL-AIR was designed to keep you cool (both in appearance and temperature) in 'Florida Air' (FL - Florida which tends to be humid and hottest of hots) with so much flair."  Liliana Salazar

Made to Order >> 2-piece pant set shimmery stretch fabric

Pant Features:
  • High-waisted "journey" / yoga / sports / active / hot pants
  • Double layered fabric mid-drift in the pants helps to support a smooth shape 
  • Extra long legs that go over ankles and bottom of foot

Top Features:

  • Top is tight fitting and with criss-cross straps in the back helps to keep the girls in while making them moves
  • Top ruffles create drama and add proportion in all the right ways
  • Ruffles continue towards the back to create a mini angel wing affect

EMBARK ON THE CREATIVE JOURNEY >> Once payment is received, you will be contacted for your measurements provided with a diagram if needed on how to take them.  A pattern will be created using your measurements, and then placed on fabric to cut and sew.  Please allow 3 weeks to receive your order (creation and shipping included.)  Photos of "behind the seams" will be shared for you to experience the creative journey of your FL-AIR in the making.



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