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Liliana Salazar



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"May my heart be kind, my mind FIERCE and my spirit brave."

 Given jeans and a jean jacket to upcycle and a request to "make me look FIERCE", this look was created to enhance a woman's figure and empower her body.  When clothes are fitted to your specific body shape it only accentuates all the right curves bringing out its unique beauty. Feedback I have gotten about my designs, "o I LOVE it, but I couldn't wear that bc I'm not skinny like you."  (FYI - model's dress size 16)

I am about dressing a person's body - ANY BODY - shape, color, gender, size - its all about equal opportunity over here with the determining factor being LOVE! Self-LOVE is imperative.  For as long as you have confidence to be FIERCE, then my designs are made with love specifically for you - literally - MADE TO MEASURE!  

Also, these designs are all environmentally conscience so you will be doing your part in protecting and saving the planet:  Sustainable clothing refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials.  Under the accordance of sustainability, recycled clothing upholds the principle of the "Three R’s of the Environment": Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, as well as the "Three Legs of Sustainability": Economics, Ecology, and Social Equity. 


  • Use your jeans to upcycle (save on price and the environment)
  • Designer picks recycled jeans (still saving the environment) 


CLOTHING  >> Cape, Vest, and Skirt



  • Created from mid and bottom section of jean jacket
  • In-seam pockets
  • Stand alone pointed shoulders make a statement and balances bodies proportions
  • Button closure at neckline, when closed reinforces the piece staying on regardless of movement
  • Created from top of jean jacket and then altered and fitted to body
  • Two-button closure
  • Shirt collar with stand
  • Hand work detail for texture at center front
  • Created from sleeves of jacket, pant legs and waistbands
  • Sleeves contour the body’s shape to enhance the woman’s curves with a contrasting color
  • Pant legs are the center front and center back of skirt with a contrasting color
  • Two waistbands create a high-waisted skirt
  • Stretch jean fabric for comfort and flexibility


ACCESSORIES >> Fascinator, Necklace, and Cuffs


CUFFS “Hand in my Pocket”

  • Created from back pockets of jeans
  • Embroidery detail (depends on jeans)


  • Created from a jean waistband


  • playful take on "JEAN-ius in my pocket" hence it being on your head/mind :)
  • Small jean pocket (filled for 3D effect) fascinator
  • Clear elastic strap goes with different hair colors holding fascinator in place


**FIERCE COMPLETE >> Clothing and Accessories (Cape, Vest, Skirt, Fascinator, Necklace, and Cuffs)


Please note designs will vary according to jeans provided or used. FIERCE COMPLETE in photos available for purchase, MODEL SIZE 16.  Please email for pricing.


    EMBARK ON THE CREATIVE JOURNEY >> Once payment is received, you will be contacted for your measurements provided with a diagram if needed on how to take them.  A pattern will be created using your measurements, and then placed on fabric to cut and sew.  Please allow 3 weeks to receive your order (creation and shipping included.)  Photos of "behind the seams" will be shared for you to experience the creative journey of your FIERCE in the making.



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