Collection: SEN5ES Collab Capsule

Designer Liliana Salazar in collaboration with 10 talented visual artists created wearable heARTwork now available for purchase below during SEN5ES basel >> A massive collaborative experience that united various art forms - fashion, fine art, culinary and music - to activate all 5 senses - touch, sight, taste, smell, sound.

SEN5ES served as a preview of Liliana Salazar’s couture collection by showcasing the silhouettes of designs in muslin (i.e Muslin - blueprint of design executed in raw cotton.)  Muslins were gessoed, prepared with a white base paint coat, to serve as a blank canvas and provided to a collaborating artist.  The only guideline to "add" with creative freedom, their medium, aesthetic and vision which became the fabric of the garment.

Execution was done during SEN5ES on a live model ensuring that all pieces are wearable. Once heartwork was completed, each garment had a signature label sewn on the outside with Fashion Designer Liliana Salazar’s signature x Visual Artist's signature. By uniting forces, Liliana Salazar’s designs became fine art masterpieces and the visual artist’s heartwork became “wearable” art.

SEN5ES was a 3-day event, from a VIP preview with a meet-n-greet of artists while watching live art to a fashion show during Art Basel and Miami Art Week - one of the most prominent weeks for international art. A percentage of each sold piece of heartwork created at SEN5ES, will be donated to Rise Up Gallery/Charity.

SEN5ES Collab Capsule