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Liliana Salazar

Arbey Ramirez + Liliana Salazar

Arbey Ramirez + Liliana Salazar

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Collaborating Artist: Arbey Ramirez @4rbey
Medium: Coffee (sponsored by Roots Coffee)
Fashion Designer: Liliana Salazar
Design: Strapless dress


Arbey Ramirez

Born in Medellin, Colombia and moved to Miami at the age of 17.  From 1990 through 1992 he practiced at “La EPA” a popular Art school in Colombia.  In 1993 through 1994 he studied fresco technique and Florence’s history art at the “Bellas Artes Academy”, which has influenced his paintings ever since. His first exposition was at the “Medellin Museum of Modern Art” in Colombia.  Over time there were many expositions to show his techniques including the Sand Museum, The Botanic Park and some private galleries throughout the city.

One day Arbey was working on a painting.  He stopped to drink a little café, a strong Cuban coffee.  He accidentally spilled some onto his canvas and discovered something magical.  Painting with coffee was a great technique to acquire an old fashioned sepia look. Although abstract expressionism interested him, he saw his primary inspiration from the Italian renaissance. After this discovery with coffee he began to experiment with perspective in his paintings by expanding the figures and compressing the space around them, a method he continues to explore.

On May 12, 2008 at the “Artexpo New York” Arbey an emerging artist, exhibited the latest trends in popular and fine art.  These paintings were done using his discovery of painting with coffee. He is currently a website designer, Interior designer & graphic designer.

Fun fact: He is the fashion designer’s, Liliana Salazar’s cousin and they both share a passion for art and use unconventional material to create which they both get from their grandmother who is an artist at heart.


  • Percentage of sale will be donated to RISE UP Gallery, a 100% volunteer-run non-profit corporation which has been awarded numerous accolades for its programs that provide therapeutic art workshops to the disabled and the community, as well as curate pop up exhibits for local artists in Miami.
  •  Alterations can be made, additional fee may apply.
  • Client will work directly with designer to create a solution for fit.

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