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Liliana Salazar

Renda Writer + Liliana Salazar

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Collaborating Artist: Renda Writer >> @rendawriter
Medium: Paint Marker
Fashion Designer: Liliana Salazar
Design: One shoulder knee length with back vent dress


*HeARTwork created during SEN5ES was sold during auction, but one can be MADE TO ORDER upon purchase and customized to your desire


Renda Writer

Renda Writer is a man who believes in following his passions.  Born in New York, and based in Miami, he draws influence from all of his life experiences and continues to soak up all that life has to offer every new day. Whether it’s with art, poetry, or business, Renda is always working on a new project and always acutely tuned in for manifesting the outcomes and results that he desires.  With an intimate understanding of The Law of Attraction, Renda enjoys every new day of navigating through the universe as a creator and as a grateful being. He enjoys collaborating with other motivated individuals, both through art and poetry collaborations and through business partnerships.

As an artist, Renda Writer stands firmly behind the central idea expressed in his artist statement, where he says, “My goal as an artist is to make my handwriting into visual art and to shed light on the general idea that handwriting can be seen as art, reminding viewers that the art is in what the words say, how they look, and how they’re written.” As a visual artist, Renda first started creating in 2010, after several years as a poet.  He started by creating the “Handwritten” brand, which eventually blossomed into a virtual empire of “Handwritten” products. With his art, Renda likes to emphasize and gravitate toward concepts and themes of brevity, nature, inspiration, the struggle, the hustle, affirmations, and the concept of “She” as a pronoun that will never get old.


  • Percentage of sale will be donated to RISE UP Gallery, a 100% volunteer-run non-profit corporation which has been awarded numerous accolades for its programs that provide therapeutic art workshops to the disabled and the community, as well as curate pop up exhibits for local artists in Miami.
  •  Alterations can be made, additional fee may apply.
  • Client will work directly with designer to create a solution for fit.