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ARTESANIAS By Liliana Salazar

*Plantain + Bamboo Adjustable Bracelet / Armband - ivory

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Real Plantains  🍌 + Real Bamboo 🎍 filled with achira seeds
15" adjustable radius approx.
Handcrafted in Colombia

 *Can be worn + adjusted as a BRACELET or ARM-BAND.



🍌  REAL PLANTAIN is thinly sliced

🍌  Sun-dried to infuse the SUN'S ENERGY into every piece

🍌  Coated with MAGIC

🍌  Torched with fire to PURIFY

🍌  Hand-sanded down for a smooth FEELING


🍌  Every piece/heARTwork will be unique to you - seed placement, shape and size will vary because true to nature no one is the same.  

🍌  So always remember to be YOU!