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Liliana Salazar

Caña Flecha Native Unisex Hat

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Real Caña Flecha
12"L, 9"W approx.
Handmade in Colombia


Caña Flecha is a strong cane native to South America. The cane is harvested and sun dried once collected from the fields at the appropriate time in season to ensure the flexibility of the cane so that it can be bent without breaking unlike straw that is to brittle and breaks.  Our artisans have learned the art of hand-weaving as a past down tradition from generation to generation.

Keeping true to tradition are the use of symbols as a means of communication, especially in the Sierra Nevada region, which is where these hats are handcrafted.  These symbols are incorporated into our accessories, not only as a design element, but also to communicate:

  • balance
  • we are one universe
  • stability
  • continue moving forward