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Handbeaded Blossoming Nature Necklace - 33 days

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"Blossoming into a badass woman with more faith than fear "

Adjustable Necklace: 6.5 diameter, 4.5" width approx.
Handcrafted in Colombia



On her most recent trip to Colombia, Liliana met the chief of an indigenous tribe who specialize in bead work, using techniques passed down through generations from their ancestors who they believe guide them in creation of each piece.  Depending on the design detail and years of experience of artisan, bead work can take from a week up to 33 days to hand weave beads into this design just for you!


*COLORWAY PHOTOGRAPHED = inventory on hand SOLD OUT and so please allow 33 days (handbeading) + 2 weeks (processing+shipping) to receive your creation.

*CLIENT'S CHOICE OF COLORS = you select the colors within the design.  Once order is placed, you will be provided with a diagram for color selection.  Once color selection is received, please allow 33 days (handbeading) + 2 weeks (processing+shipping) to receive your custom creation.